Client Reviews

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Atros water. The on-field service experience on my first interaction with thank Atros water has been simply the best. He has explained me the product features, the best way to use it and made me comfortable with it so very nicely. My special thanks to Aqua Tech Team.

Mr Rajendra Patil

It is my pleasure to inform you about the installation of PLATINA in our home, we are completely satisfied with performance of your employee A. Patil pune technician, he, did a good job about demo he given regarding using of geyser and his behaviour.


Mr Akash Waghmare

I am Suyash. Initially I purchased a Atros water Ro and I had some problem with the Unit within 4 Days of Purchase and I made a request for new unit replacement. This  request was handled by your team. Thanks to all atros team


Mr Suyash Mohite

We recently approached Aqua Tech RO Systems to installaion of ionizers in my Company….. The talented group of service provider team and friendly support staff provided a level of creativity and technological expertise unmatched in the industry. Thank You All!


Ms. Gita Sandilya

I chose Atros Ionizer because it’s a low-cost equivalent product having features that I was looking for, I really want to know much more about the product of Atros and its specialty. I have already started referring to many friends about Atros Ionizer and its long terms benefits.


Mr. Manoj Jani

Installed water purifier works well, quality is excellent. Detachable storage tank in purifier allows quick cleaning. The service is good.




Mr. Manoj Pal

A good purchase! After using it for 2 years and 9 months, I want to mention that very good service back up. Prompt follow-up, very good service, polite interaction with the service engineers. Very satisfied with this purchase.


Mr. Bala Reddy

Nice Ionizer and I liked it a lot. It is recommended to everyone. 

We are using it for the past 9 months.





Dr Suryakant Deshmukh

It is really a good product. It keeps the water at the same temperature at which u have filled it. I am using it for the past 2 years but there is no damage caused by it. Thank you Aqua Tech Team.





CA Rajendra Dangi

Got this ionizer because the product is made in India. I was facing problem of acidity and after drinking ATROS water it was totally in control. Lowest maintains is what I liked the most. I have a wonderful experience & Very happy to get this. ATROS is actually better as compared to Kangen. so i will surely give reference to my nearby ones.

Col. Sameer Gujar

We are very happy and satisfied with our Atros! I have a chlorine allergy and can detect the minutest amount in tap water, but our water is clean and tastes wonderful thanks to our Life water system. I also picked up a bacterial infection from our city water system prior to installing the Life machine, but now I am confident that no bacteria are present in our water anymore, making me feel much safer. I clean using the acidic water setting and water my plants using the alkaline water settings. We are extremely satisfied that the money we spent has improved our overall health and cleared up my chlorine problems. I suggest it to all my friends and my daughter comes over just to fill her water jugs (thanks Atros!).

Mr. Shanthanu Kulkarni

I’ve been using my Atros Ionizer for about a year now & love it! I’ve noticed better recovery time with my race walking, less need for digestive supplements with meals, and general wellness. I plan to begin giving to my dog also for her general health. Great product for anyone wanting to improve their overall health!

Dr Narendra Bhai

After just three days of drinking water from my new Atros Ionizer… I have been sharing this wonderful water with my friends and can honestly say they are experiencing similar results as well.

Dr Prashant Chaudhari

1) Reason for choosing ATROS is Indian make, cost & quality assurance. 2) As we have purchased only few months back, no substantial improvements in health issues apart from this, relief from acidity and constipation. 3) ATROS IONIZER design, material and appearance is pleasing. Also no issue faced since purchase. 4) Good quality, prompt supply and installation with confirmation of claimed parameters by showing proper tests. 5) We will refer ATROS to others. (Already send details to many peoples)

Mr. Hemant sir

ATROS brand is the best brand in India as compared to other imported brands .My daughter had chronic kidney disease so doctor referred me to drink alkaline water & she got relief from that Atros is most trusted brand & I was too impressed with their demo I had an excellent Experience with ATROS Ionizer & satisfied with product I Will surely suggest people to go for it.

Mr. Kantilal Shah

ATROS has its own Patents & Copyright design’s. Alkaline water helped in controlling my Blood pressure as well as sugar levels. It is the best technology one can have for their home. Nice experience With ATROS as they are following the Guidelines of WHO & BIS. I Will suggest people to go for it instead of wasting money in buying the imported machines.

Mr. Dinesh Kumar

ATROS water is good because I was facing a problem of Acid Reflux from couple of years. My doctor suggested me of alkaline water, after drinking alkaline water got good relief. I had a great experience with ATROS water ionizer. I have already referred it to my Friends & Family.

Mr. Krishna Babburi

I came across with ATROS water ionizer they have given me nice Demo they have shown me what water property our body need they given very nice service to me I have taken 2 machine one is for my home and another is for my office I have suggested to my sister also to take it.

Mr. Zuber Khan

I have observed many benefits like: It increase in knee joint lubricant causing reduction of pain in knee osteo arthritis,reduction in body inflammation as seen by markers,hyper acidity totally gone without drugs,better mouth hygiene,constipation lessened and services/support is very good.

Dr. Chandradeep Saxena (UP)

I am very much satisfied with the purchase, I was suffering from the Uric acid , I have consulted many doctors But not getting any good results after using the ATROS water, only in a few moths my uric acid lower down which was higher.


Yogesh Singh Thakur (CG)

Atros water services and customer support is good , Responding time is very quick. I was suffering from acidity and my digestion system was very weak but Since now I am using Atros Ionizer Water it helps me a lot to improve digestion system .


C.S. Sahu (CG)

I am really very happy with the product and customer support, I have any medical issue but It after drinking Atros Ionizer water, I am feeling more healthier and energetic

Subhedar Major Gopal Singh Gautam (ML)

Extremely happy with the ATROS Ionizer,

 I did lots of searches and found Ionized water is good for health, and according to my personal experience ATROS water ionizer good for health and I feel more energetic and fresh.

Prof. Kirti Ranjan (DL)