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  • Parameters
    Model - Swift
  • Weight
    11 Kg. (Approx)
  • RO Membrane
  • Flow Rate
    15** Litres/hr.TDS
  • Reduction
    90 – 96% (Approx)
  • UV Lamp
  • Auto Flushing
  • Storage Tank Capacity
    12 Litres
  • Max. Duty Cycle
    75 Litres/day
  • Min. Inlet Water Pressure
    0.3 Kg/CM2
  • Operating Voltage
    24V DC

The AquaTech RO Water Filter with RO+UV+UF+TDS+Mineral+Megnetic Softner+Anti Scallent+Iron Remover, water purifier from the latest collection of AquaTech water services, removes dirt, bacteria and any other harmful elements to give you safe drinking water. This comes with a membrane life enhancer, pre filter and one free spun filter. This has a USA made Filter, high pressure booster pump and 80 GPD R.O membrane. It purifies water with PHILIPS UV mechanism and it has a maximum storage capacity of 12 to 15 liters, which is sufficient for your entire family. An excellent choice for Healthy hydration, not only does it taste great and refreshing, but it also helps you avoid impurities and improve health.

Product Details :-

·        RO + UV + UF + ACF with TDS Adjuster & AF Technology.

·        RO Purification Capacity 15 LPH.

·        Available in White, Cherry & Blue Colors.

·        Fully Automatic Function.

·        Purification by 8 stages.

·        Table Top / Wall Mount Model.

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